Valuable Imperfection - Jennifer Jacobs | Medium | Empath | Clairvoyant SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION
Jennifer Jacobs

Valuable Imperfection

The world needs you

Needs your tears more than

your plastered on smile

Your authenticity over 

fearful faked perfection

Your child-like innocent laughter

more than your sophisticated masks

Because your cries give me

permission to cry

Your red flame of anger allows me

to burn off my Rage

Your moans of hopelessness bring

up my own desperation and

In being vulnerable naked and

beautifully imperfect

I find my Glory

I find my Joy as I make

space for your pain and mine

Together we Heal and transcend our Wounds

Together we sit in a Circle of Forgiveness

Right in the here and now

The World needs us as we are

Not as we imagine we should be.