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Jennifer Jacobs

Recommended Products

Jennifer endorses and works primarily with the below companies. As for  vitamin companies, Jennifer cannot guarantee the quality or purity of any other brands due to 95% of vitamin companies being linked to animal testing and the corporate giant Monsanto.

For product inquiries OR article requests please send an email to

EMF Rocks (ElectroMagnetic Frequency Protection)

FOOD RESEARCH (High Quality Multi)

Ancestral Supplements (Supplements specific to your nutritional needs)

THORNE (High quality Vitamin/Mineral supplements)

PURE ENCAPSULATIONS (High QualityVitamin/Mineral supplements)

PURE SYNERGY (High Quality antioxidant line)

SomaVedic International  (Colorful EMF / 5G / Wi-Fi Protection for home and/or business)

Healthyline EMF Mat (The highest quality PEMF mats on the market)

EARTHCALM (Whole home EMF protection)

Mountain Valley Spring Water (The best tasting/healthiest purified bottled water from an environmentally conscious company in Arkansas)

HEILTROPFEN (DMSO For natural pain relief–German Company)

Blue Bottle Love  (This is a very special company in Maui, Hawaii making phenomenal Well Being products designed to help us all thrive in the 21st century)  (X-39 Stem Cell Patch to address aging, in a most beneficial, alternative fashion)