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Jennifer Jacobs

Soul-Based Guidance


        so clear things out of the way so it can heal itself.”


In essence, soul-based coaching or counseling empowers you to discover your own healing, insights and direction. It seeks to bring you into satisfying relationship with your everyday life and your true inner self, the soul. It does this through expanding consciousness beyond ego, so we may interpret our experiences in light of a more expanded consciousness that is sensitive to, and part of, the larger world.

As a Certified Soul-Based Counselor, Jennifer’s job is to care for and guide people, not fix them. There are no ‘silver bullets’ out there – meaning there is no healer or other individual that will be able to ‘fix’ you.  You might have spent years in the pattern of seeking from the outside world someone who can make the challenges disappear and bring you into harmonious existence with yourself and the world around you.  In the greatest reality however, this is not possible.  The work takes place within the inner space of the soul.  This is where soul-based work comes in.  Approach healing of the self in a brand new way…

In soul-based coaching, Jennifer will assist you to enter into the suffering, the questioning, and your own soul to guide you into becoming conscious of the unconscious parts of yourself that seek expression. This supports you to give your experiences meaning and purpose, providing empowerment, guidance and counsel

Most modern philosophies and techniques are good at taking things apart – analyzing and de-constructing the person and experiences. What is left is often a state of fragmentation. Yet parts of things only make sense in light of the whole of which they are a part. Analysis is only as good as the synthesis that follows. As a professional, Jennifer will assist you in determining which universal perspectives and principles apply to your situations and will attempt to lead you from your point of experience to a more universal perspective, thereby giving you the opportunity to see the meaning and purpose of your experiences, and to integrate the learning into your life, today.

Soul-based counseling is based in a philosophy of wholeness, because it deals with universal laws, principles and deeper reality, and it makes sense of all experiences.  Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom – not simply the pursuit of information or awareness.

There is nothing dogmatic about the soul journey. It is both a collective and personal journey where we learn to think more universally. The soul journey is not about changing behavior – there is no forcing involved. Instead, this broader way of thinking leads us to be more compassionate and have more understanding, and this naturally results in changes of behavior.

*Soul-based counseling is not psychotherapy nor any other form of traditional professional therapy.