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Animals soothe my soul and heal my heart in a way no human being ever has.They are my preferred client.~Jennifer

“Jennifer is an old soul with great insight”. I have consulted with her twice and found her advice to be spot-on and always helpful.  She is the real deal and not only has great insight but also great compassion.

Ann T. ,  Santa Fe, NM

-When you speak to Jennifer, she is a combination of psychic, therapist, friend, and empath. She is accurate, confident and on point. She provides comfort and guidance as well as the support you might need in connection with your questions and concerns.Highly recommend!!!!

Archana Arora, New York city, NY.

-I wish I could convey in writing exactly how I feel about Jennifer. There is no way to get across the true feelings of awe and gratitude I have for her in typed words. I had a reading from her about a year ago. She at that time was very accurate. She warned me that if I did not make a specific change how my future would turn out. Unfortunately, she was correct and the circumstances of my life today are exactly as she warned they would be. My recent reading with her gave me the Insight and the validation that I needed to hear. Jennifer even understands why I did not follow her words of wisdom in a prior reading. She didn’t make me feel stupid or slow or guilty or anything negative. She fully understands the nature of my being and what has frozen me in place. I am writing to tell you that Jennifer has the ability to see things the rest of us can not. And she also has the wisdom needed to go with that sort of gift. I recommend Jennifer to anyone needing that extra reassurance or insight. She is so smart and articulate and kind. How blessed we all are to have a messenger of her magnitude Among Us and guiding all who seek her out. I love this lady!

Kate Sandersfeld, Santa Fe, NM

-Mrs. JENNIFER is the real deal, and I have had a lot of readings online. I had a reading with her about 8 months ago where she told me I would be going to court and I would win. At the time I was thinking to myself, no I’m not going to court. I was thinking, I have no reason to go to court, lol. Well, she was right. I have to go to court on April 19th, 2016. Mrs. Jennifer is the only one  I’ve been able to find that has told me anything that has even remotely come true. There are allot of Medium’s/Psychics/Spiritual Advisor’s in the world that are absolute fraud’s, so be very careful who you pay for a reading. Mrs. Jennifer – I will get a reading from you very very soon. Thank you, and I greatly appreciate your help…. I Love honest people like you. You will be blessed for how you help people. I Just hope I win in court as you predicted. I’ll keep you updated.. -Amanda Herrick, Denham Springs Louisiana 

-Jennifer is a genuine and empathetic person which comes through and is very grounding. I have consulted mediums in the past, with varying results, and feel very pleased to have found Jennifer at this time in my life journey. I believe her guidance is authentic. I feel reassured and my faith in myself restored, I was in a very uncertain and miserable place when I consulted Jennifer for my reading. I have no hesitation in recommending Jennifer, you will receive helpful and thoughtful responses to what you ask about without feeling rushed, which I really appreciated. Thank you – I intend to follow up with another reading again soon. -Laura Page,   U.K


-I didn’t believe in Mediums until I met Jennifer. She has been helping me successfully for over a year now and it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I started to really believe in her gift. She has helped me and my family in several aspects of our lives. We are more peaceful, grounded and happy because of her.- Lina Smith, U.K-London

-If you want a sincere, legit medium then I recommend Jennifer, I have tried many top psychics but her abilities, personality and genuine guidance are  far from any experience I have ever had, ultimately changing my overall view and perception of the stigma attached to “psychic’s” in general. Her predictions come to pass as she says they will & within the time frame she has given you… cannot put a price on quality when it comes to your life, your happiness. She doesn’t ask question’s and offer’s authentic and realistic advice and guidance. I promise, you will not be disappointed by any amount of time spent with her in a reading because she is far from the “norm” of what might be expected and has a very genuine, sincere heart filled with everything under the sun to inspire even the most hopeless of situation’s. Vance George- Ireland

-Wow! There is no one i trust more than Jennifer,her eyes and the way she deliver’s a reading says it all. She is a very strong,spiritual & powerfully gifted reader, which can be seen when she is in her element, chatting with people, and discussing very useful & inspiring topic’s.  The best part is that what you see is what you get, and with her its very easy to see just how authentic & genuine she is…and her highly enthusiastic, joyful energy is off the charts. Don’t take my word for it…..go see for yourself just how lovely and down to earth she truly is. Malda Qassab Bashi – UAE,Dubai

-I’ve recently had 3 very helpful & supportive readings with Jennifer to help me in gaining some clarity and perspective in my life. She is a truly a talented & gifted reader. She was able to fully channel my father for me and as I watched her communicate with him as she passed on very crucial information that gave me some much needed peace of mind. I have consulted w/her on many occasions in the past and she never fails my high expectations. She’s definitely the best medium/spiritualist/advisor I have ever consulted with. Victoria – Vancouver BC, CAN

-She is simply amazing and supremely gifted, there are really no words to describe it. She is definitely very gifted and powerful, no doubt about that. She has helped me immensely and has given me some much needed & sound love-life advice and guidance as I continue to pursue my lifelong dreams. I couldn’t be more grateful to her for this. I had always been quite the skeptic until finally having a reading with her. The way she communicates and expresses her belief’s so passionately has changed the way I view people, she has opened that door for me,and helped to make the impossible, “possible” for me just by being who she is. You can’t put a price on the lessons learnt and the guidance i receive. I would recommend her to anyone that’s looking for direction or clarity. I am eternally grateful to you jennifer….you’ve played an integral part in changing my life. I can’t thank you enough for that. I wish you all the best and will be sure to keep you posted along the way. 😉 Thank you again! Shakir Langham – Houston TX

-I am a long-time client of Jennifer. All of her predictions have come true, one by one. She has helped me through my crazy family drama, my career struggles and a broken heart. She does not water it down…..she tells you exactly as it is, even if it’s not something you want to hear, she just really cares and want’s the best for you, which can only happen when one knows the real truth of any give situation. Knowing her accuracy with past predictions, I have always been able to plan ahead. JR -Toronto

-I am never disappointed with Jennifer. All of her predictions have come true for me… She is worth every penny because it’s as if she is sitting right there next to you tapping into not only your mind but the mind of those closest to you. She is very polite, compassionate and accurate. I am extremely loyal to her because she has always been loyal and honest with me.  That coupled with her never ending gratitude and generosity is where its at for me. Ursula -San Dimas, CA.

-I will only see her anymore….she is extremely reliable and kind, and has a way of delivering the ugly truth in the most compassionate way.I’m sure of her abilities, as she has inspired me to continue on my current life path. She also predicted a particular time frame for communication from an old flame that came to pass. Violet Reed- Michigan

-Jennifer is the best medium I have ever come across. She is always accurate and all of her predictions for me have came to pass which is why I trust her and will continue to read with her. B. Montanay – Portland, OR

-Wow! She was so spot on about several people in my life Gave me reassurances I was looking for and insight that was truly needed. She made me cry (which is pretty hard to do) with a message from someone that I truly needed to hear to heal. You’re amazing! Thank you so much! -Sherry Beitler Perry – Georgetown, DE

-Jennifer is a wonderful and accurate reader! She was spot-on with dates and to the exact time something was going to happen! She used no tools just her insight, very fast reader! She gave great advice on the outcomes! I would highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed! Her predictions come true! ~Phyllis Brown, OH

-Jennifer doesn’t bait me by telling me that she has “additional updates” every week or that she can “fix” something for me because I’m under some black magic mojo. She goes strictly by energy and what she feel’s. She’s confident in her predictions and give’s solid advice on how to heal ourselves from within. Ten minute reading’s with her have given me more peace and belief in what is to come and how to get there than triple the length with some others. You’re a gift! ~Sherry  Perry – Georgetown, DE

-Jennifer, Thanks so much for your help yesterday. I cannot fully understand why your visit was so helpful, I’m not even sure what I was expecting. The actual words were not “occult” and you didn’t levitate a table or any of the usual baloney associated with mediums. (Although it was kind of amazing how you identified her chair – I had completely forgotten it.) I think it was the deep comfort you offered – not the words, really; the non-verbal communication. I totally believe you sensed her presence.

The important thing is that you taught me/reminded me that is that I myself am clairvoyant, always have been. My mother was too. But I always doubt it, and therefore cause myself unnecessary pain. What you said about animals not distinguishing as we do between the spiritual and the physical was revelatory to me. Now, when my old dog goes into the pantry closet, I trust my true knowledge that it is not just a scent. Sophie is present at mealtimes, as she always was. She wouldn’t miss a mealtime for all the world. And although she’s not in her place physically, she’s there spiritually, and Belle, ever the opportunist, is still searching for those cat food leftovers.Your understanding that Sophie died of a genetic disease – probably a form of lymphoma, was also helpful.

I put her chair under the tree by her grave and had my evening bottle of beer with her. And then an amazing thing happened. I sensed her clearly – playing – but what was really weird was, I looked at that old worn cat figurine that I carry with me everywhere since my mom died twenty years ago. It was hers; I think I was with her when she bought it. She loved cats, had a purebred Burmese she had from kitten hood. She insisted on making his food, using a very nutritious formula she got from veterinary research as well as her own additions (mom was very into natural foods, supplements, etc). Caesar lived to be twenty-two years old.Last evening, as I sat by Sophie’s grave and looked over at the cat figurine, suddenly I was nearly knocked over by the presence of my mother. I burst into tears, I haven’t felt her in so long. And what you taught me – not to doubt – was wonderful. Mom told me she is looking after Sophie and extends that wonderful mother love-healing to help me get through the grief.I took your advice and made an altar. I put my favorite picture of her, her food dish, her little elastic bell and ID collar. My Bhudda figurines with my rosary beads around one of them (okay, I’m religiously weird, God doesn’t mind). I gathered remnants of her fur from all over the house (long haired cats are most generous with that) and was looking for a pretty container to hold them. What I found was magical.Last fall, when I was on the New Hampshire coast for my daughter’s wedding, we had occasion to go to the beach. Of course I picked up some shells, memories of my childhood by the sea. They sat, undisplayed, on my counter in the bathroom. Suddenly I knew. They were waiting for their purpose. How perfect to hold her fur, so that it would not blow away when we turned on the fan in summer, so much more meaningful that a glass urn. The sea creatures who lived in the shells are gone, but a bit of Sophie is there, and I told her I wanted her to know where I came from. I am convinced she is delighted. I think she’s a little frightened of the waves, but my presence comforts her.So your visit was meaningful and helpful on so many levels. I still grieve, I still weep; that will pass in time. But finally – after 69 years – I have learned by mother’s lesson to BELIEVE. Listen, and believe. I told you I have had astonishingly psychic experiences in dreams. People say, “oh they’re just dreams.” Sometimes, that is true; but I always know the difference. Sometimes, I have sensings. I tell myself, “Oh, that’s just wishful thinking.” But I know the difference, and I will never forget it.Oddly, I have always trusted completely the fact that my art – painting or writing – comes through me, not from me. I have never questioned this. But in the rest of my life, I was a “skeptic.” Perhaps it was just a way to stay disconnected from real life.I have no idea how long I will continue to live in body. It no longer matters. Every moment will be meaningful, and you helped me see that.Thank you so much, and all blessings and good wishes on your journey with Zeva. I have a feeling she and Sophie will be good friends. Sophie always wanted a cat friend; back in the pound they had to put another cat in the cage with her. Now, she finally has a feline friend. I will always be alert for her presence, which I understand will always be with me until we meet again, and I will listen and laugh for her joy. You have helped me more than you know.

March 05, 2015  Love, Janey Baskin~ Of Santa Fe

Amazing experience with an extremely talented woman! She gave such great insight into a situation that was seriously haunting me. My extremely geriatric dog was suffering, and we were not sure he would make it through the surgical procedure. Her ability to connect and let me know what my beloved dog was going through, and the strength he had allowed me to decide with confidence to go forward. My 15-year-old Pitt made it through the surgery and is such a happier dog today. Pongo,myself, and my family greatly thank you! March 14, 2015-Maria Tomei D’agastino ~ New York (Santa Fe)

-My Elegant Magnificent gent Cadeaux had been abused when he was young and was looking for someone who could talk to him and shed some light on how to better address his needs in order to help him in his healing. Jennifer was so nurturing, patient and compassionate with him in such a way that her mere presence gave him a sense of peace, calming his ever present anxious tendencies.Her keen intuitive insight with animal’s and the way in which she interacts with them is amazing. She has an uncanny way of nonverbally communicating with an animal to which I observed in her interactions with Cadeaux. By simply putting her hands on him he became instantly relaxed as he just stood there in the dirt completely still, hanging his head as his lower lip fell from his mouth and hung there, eyes closed….I’d never seen him do that before, he was so relaxed in her presence. It’s as if he were sleeping while standing. She has this indescribable gift of touching the soul of an animal with the healing energy she emits.She has the purest heart and the gentlest soul. She is well worth the time and money invested.02-24-2016

~Lynde Myers of South Africa/Santa Fe, Cadeaux’s Mom

Jennifer is an extremely gifted and sincere person. She can validate on-point, accurate information without you providing her with any prior knowledge. She is wonderful enough to share this special gift with strangers and truly help change your perspective on life or a tough situation by letting you know you aren’t alone. Your angels are always with you. Thank you for the gift, Jennifer.
— Lori H.

I met Jennifer 2 years ago at a group reading and she was so spot on it left me speechless, and in tears. Fast forward to now – I decided to treat my boyfriend to a reading as he needed some healing with a passing. Jennifer again was so spot on, she knew things that just gave him chills. She also had a few messages for me that made me feel so grateful to her and to Spirit. Jennifer is the real deal. I love how open, friendly and loving she is.
— MaryBeth K.

I cannot adequately express in words truly just how amazing Jennifer is at what she does. I participated in a group reading last night, and she was able to tell me things from my Nana (and others) that were 100% accurate—little things like she was sitting in a chair when she passed, things I keep inside a Bible, 3 broken watches—I can go on and on and on. She continued to amaze me with everyone else’s readings—it was both fascinating and beautiful to watch. I highly recommend you give Jennifer a try. You won’t be disappointed.
— Jamie H.
Jennifer is amazing! For the first time in 27 years, I feel at peace. Can’t wait to see her again!
— Dana P.

Thank you so much for our group reading…. Not only are you kind and caring but you are absolutely amazing at what you do!! I could not have been happier with your work.
— Sharon M.

Had an AMAZING reading tonight and I couldn’t say more positive things about Jenn. Simply Amazing. She gave me a sense of peace—LOVE HER!!!!
— Chrystal J.

Jennifer is truly amazing she is spot on with her readings and very interesting to watch she keeps you mesmerized!
— Patrice O.

Jennifer is truly amazing! We’ve had several readings with her, and she always contacts our loved ones, even our pets. She is truly gifted, and she brings so much comfort to us. We highly recommend her. You won’t be disappointed! We cannot wait to see her again. Each reading is different and sheds light on some of the things we are coping with in life. Thank You, Jennifer, for being so amazing.
— Deanna L.

I cannot adequately express in words truly just how amazing Jennifer is at what she does. I participated in a group reading last night, and she was able to tell me things from my Nana (and others) that were 100% accurate—little things like she was sitting in a chair when she passed, things I keep inside a Bible, 3 broken watches—I can go on and on and on. She continued to amaze me with everyone else’s readings—it was both fascinating and beautiful to watch. I highly recommend you give Jennifer a try. You won’t be disappointed.
— Jamie H.

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