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Jennifer Jacobs

Animal Communication

Animals soothe the soul and provide a type of healing no human can. They’re my preferred client.
— Jennifer

Animal Communication can tell you about your pet’s behaviors, emotions and health, their whereabouts (if lost), how they are doing if they have passed, and what you can do to improve their health or behavior problems. You can also discover what your pet can teach you and if your life purpose is to help animals.

Since our pets and all animals alike develop disease and illness the same way we do, Jennifer believes that in order for an animal to receive the best possible care and opportunity for healing and recovery, there must be an energetic component.

As a remote Animal intuitive and Communicator, Jennifer provides empathetic consults for animal companions, helping her clients with lost or sick pets. Although Jennifer work’s primarily remotely, she also work’s with animals in-person on a case-by-case basis.

Animal Communication prices are the same as any other reading session available in 30-minute ($125) or 1-hour duration’s ($225). Once you’ve paid via her website or facebook, you’ll receive an email confirming your appointment, nothing more is required.