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Jennifer Jacobs

PLEASING OTHERS – Spiritual explanation

What others think of you is none of your business and your goal should be to care more about how you feel than how others feel about you. The process of pleasing others is will be a never-ending cycle until you make the choice to stop. There will always be something more you have to do to please others, and in most cases, you have learned that negative emotion accompanies you if you do something that does not satisfy them. Sometimes you find yourself in relationships with well-meaning people who manage to disconnect you from your inner self so much so that you’re deafened to the callings of your own inner voice.

If someone on the street you don’t know stops you and says, “I’ll never call you again.” You would laugh and move on. It’s not your problem because that person’s reaction has nothing to do with you. It’s the same with everyone you know. Life’s happiness lays in the understanding that it is only important how you feel rather how someone else reacts to what you do. For this reason, it is very difficult for some to connect with themselves or meditate because they are so used to listening to what others have to say that they can no longer hear their own inner voice.

Why do I so often repeat that it is good to be energetically selfish? If you are selfish enough to care about your mood and if others become selfish enough to worry about keeping their own mood stabilized, the world would be full of people more self-oriented, with an awareness that sincere happiness can only come from within.

The reason some people think others are influencing them is that they set their vibration in response to what they are observing. And then everyone ends up wanting to control each other.

The next time someone calls you in a bad mood expecting you to lower your frequency or come down to his or hers, leave the conversation. Be energetically selfish and you will be happy!