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Jennifer Jacobs


Through poor conditioning, our mind takes over our spirit – and in turn, the soul suffers.  Through acceptance, our soul soars.


Why is acceptance such a difficult task? It is because of perception. We perceive something unjust, unfinished, or unfair and we hold onto it thinking that if we continue to do so our circumstances will change. The reality is, we must change ourselves. We must heal whatever part of us we feel is lacking and ACCEPT things the way they are. That is a tall order and sometimes, more often than not, a painful one.

I find myself in need of acceptance today. Acceptance that I cannot change another. Acceptance that I cannot control the outcome. 

Acceptance that I cannot cure or fix or help anyone who doesn’t choose it. Acceptance that I can be whole without someone to fix. This is my truth. This is my lesson, albeit a painful one. When do I choose to accept that I did the best I could and I no longer need to bear the burden of others? When do I choose to accept that I have made mistakes and I no longer need to beat myself up about them? When do I choose to ACCEPT that I have had enough attracting caring for, and attempting to fix the wrong kind of man? When I decide to.

 Here is what I decide right now, today, right this second:

 I ACCEPT that I have made mistakes

 I ACCEPT that I held on to the pain when I should have let it go

 I ACCEPT that I failed at my relationships

 I ACCEPT that I allowed others to use me

 I ACCEPT that I am human

And now I ACCEPT forgiveness and healing and the opportunity to grow beyond this.

And so it is!


Until Next time.