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Jennifer Jacobs

Loving yourself through Covid-19

Loving yourself through Covid-19


There is great beauty in transparency, great strength. So eat well and sleep well. Listen to your inner voice. Let meditation be your vice.


Don’t compare yourself to others. In today’s world, it’s a lot to manage the inner workings of our complex body-minds, hard enough to keep up with ourselves. No one can keep up with the Kardashians, nor should one want to.


Celebrities are a prime example of that insatiable desire to physically alter the body with little to no attention to the spirit or soul. This is not beauty, this is vanity, and thus the reason behind any disconnect with our innermost selves.


This a pressure we all feel, and at one point or another succumb to it, but since we are manifesting and creating our realities every day, that which we give the most attention and energy to is what we’ll be seen for.


With billions of people fighting the aging war, there is simply not enough emphasis on spirituality, on the importance of aging with purpose, with intention, with gratitude, with compassion and respect for yourself, for others, and a respect for the gift of life. As a society, we put far too much emphasis on physical beauty.


60 has never been the new 30 unless you’re getting plastic surgery OR have great genes.


Loving yourself is about embracing your human flaws, it’s about accepting what has brought you to where you are so you can process and heal. So, if you want to look and feel younger it all starts from within. And The best way to love yourself is by protecting yourself and your space which entails surrounding yourself with the supportive, uplifting, healing energy, of positive people.


When you nurture and pay attention to your inner self, and allow yourself to be uncomfortable with all aspects of yourself without the desire to change something you don’t like, this sort of acceptance will radiate outwardly. To be well and look well, and have healthy relationships with others, we must first have a healthy relationship with ourselves. Which involves spending time alone with ourselves doing things we enjoy separately from the distractions of life, the distractions of others, and their story. This is the key to naturally slowing down the aging process. When you let go of all the junk, you create space for healing good, for joy, for peace of mind.


Remember, The more time you spend with yourself, the more you enhance and enrich your interpersonal relationships. The more time you give yourself to heal, the more complete and lasting your recovery from all that ails you. 


Stay Safe, Stay Blessed!