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Jennifer Jacobs

The great wall

We build walls and defense mechanisms and eventually adopt them so deeply we start thinking that’s who we are. But It’s important to remember that we are not our thoughts. The things that go on in our brains is not our true identity. We’re all looking to find out who we’re supposed to be, what it means to feel joy and love. We search for it, and tell ourselves we need someone else to make us happy stemming from a poor belief system and unrealistic desires. But you have to love yourself before you can give love to somebody else. And If you tell yourself you need someone else to be or feel complete then you’ll come to find true peace and happiness as rare as a shooting star.

Sometimes those closest to you will show you a strength you never saw in yourself, that even the toughest journey feels lighter with a true friend by your side. You need to be okay with where you are in your life “on your own” because one of the loneliest places you’ll ever find yourself is in a relationship with someone else before you’ve learnt the value of loving and living within in order to appreciate going without.