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Jennifer Jacobs

Griefs gate

When your body slowly gives up and gives in to the crippling waves of grief while nursing a broken heart, It becomes very difficult to be well, much less heal.
You will notice and feel your health impacted by grief when losing a beloved companion. I’ve long ascribed to the concept of mental/emotional/spiritual/physical health all being intertwined, and imbalances – particularly trauma such as grief, can trigger a spiral of unhealthy ripple effects.One sign is physical pain in your body and another is physical changes which are directly tied to the gut (emotions) and reproductive organs (where creative energies are stored) being affected. Your lungs can also be severely impacted by grief (breath and life force – i.e, pneumonia indicative of drowning in grief). With deep breathing and just a bit of courage,your feet will find their footing, your spirit its solace.